Mini-Pack Yearly Subscription

Now you can take "Order Hawk Food" off your busy calendar!  Sign-up for our Mini-Pack Yearly Subscription and get "Just-In-Time Delivery" of our best selling product, Day-Old Chicks.

High in nutrients and the calcium your raptor needs, our Mini-Pack bags are Home Freezer Friendly, eliminating the need for an additional freezer for your hawk food.

You'll receive a shipment of 3 bags of Day-Old Chicks (50 chicks per bag) on a predetermined schedule that takes the worry out of ordering your hawk food.


Sign-up Today and Get FREE FOOD!

A 6 Box Subscription includes 1 box of FREE FOOD
(That's 6 boxes for the price of 5)

A 12 Box Subscription includes 2 boxes of FREE FOOD
(That's 12 boxes for the price of 10)


Which Option is Right for You?

Deciding which subscription is right for you depends on how much you feed a day, if you hunt or have other sources of food.  The chart below shows how many chicks each subscription will provide per day.  Use that number to decide which subscription option works for you.  Don't worry if you underestimate the amount of food you need, we can always send you supplemental boxes of food during your subscription.


It's Easy to Sign-up:

1) Decide if you need a 6 Box or 12 Box subscription in order to feed your raptor for 1 year.

2) Click on the "Subscribe" button below to pay using PayPal.

3) Your account will immediately be charged for your first payment which includes the cost of your first box, plus shipping and the shipping cost of your free box or boxes.

4) Your first box will be shipped upon payment.

5) Here's the best part... The remaining 11 payments will be charged automatically each month and your boxes will ship according to the subscription plan you choose!  No more worrying about running out of hawk food!


6 Box
12 Box
Number of Paid Boxes 5 10
Number of FREE Boxes 1 2
Total Number of Boxes 6 12
Total Number of Chicks 900 1800
Number of Chicks Per Day 2.47 4.93
Total Food Cost $355.00 $710.00
Total Shipping Cost $78.00 $156.00
Total Yearly Cost $433.00 $866.00
First Payment $85.17 $98.17
11 Monthly Payments $31.62 $69.80
Actual Cost Per Box $59.17 $59.17
Shipping Schedule Every 2 Months Every 1 Month

If you would like to set-up a Mini-Pack Subscription using your
credit card instead of your PayPal account, give us a call at 570-837-1551.