Portable Hawk Mews

(Patent Pending: 62/559.206)

This Product is a Game Changer!

Basic Mews: 8 FT X 8 FT X 8 FT - Starting at $2,799

Basic Mews: 8 FT X 12 FT X 8 FT - Starting at $3,399

Add on Security Chamber: 8 FT X 4 FT X 8 FT - Starting at $1,299

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Standard on All Models:

  • Aluminum construction resists rust, rot and warping.
  • Install your hawk mews in any location.
  • Aluminum panels connect quickly.
  • Easy to assemble: 2 people in less than 2 hours.
  • Galvanized rods drilled 2 1/2” on center.
  • Sloped Roof allows rain to run off.
  • Secure latch installed.
  • Keep your bird in and predators out.
  • More Birds? Expand by simply connecting 3 additional frames.
  • Standard metal roof or built-in weathering skylight.
  • Easy to relocate if you move.
  • Available via freight delivery.

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I started Mike Dupuy Hawk Food when my food supplier went out of business in 1999. I had to search out a new food source and drive four hours round trip when I found it. As a Falconer I was concerned about getting the highest quality food. I decided to try and spread my food cost out to cover my expenses and so I picked up a few customers. Back then Mike Dupuy Hawk Food would ship 500-1000 units of food a month.

Now we have customers ordering from 400 units to more than 20,000 units a month. Our growth has been coupled with a deep respect for our customers, providing the highest quality predator food, at the lowest possible price for the service we provide. As we grow we want to become your one stop shop for your predator's nutritional and other needs. Mike Dupuy Hawk Food promises to keep you a satisfied customer.

If for any reason you are not satisfied give me a call and I will make the matter right for you.

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