Portable Hawk Mews

Portable Hawk Mews


This Product is a Game Changer!

(Patent Pending: 62/559.206)

Are you ready to replace the wooden mews you’ve been repairing and retrofitting for years? Do you want a relatively maintenance free mews that will last a lifetime without rotting, rusting or warping?

The Mike Dupuy Portable Mews is the last mews you will ever need. Made of aluminum and steel it’s lightweight, won’t rot or rust and can be easily relocated or taken down and stored. Our patented panelized system allows you to expand your Portable Hawk Mews by purchasing additional panels and attaching them to your existing Portable Hawk Mews.

Check out the Pricing Below for Standard Configurations.

Choose from Aluminum Skin or Econoplast Skin
We offer two types of wall skin materials, Aluminum and Econoplast (both in white). Aluminum will last a lifetime, simply pressure wash and it looks as good as new. Econoplast is a corrugated plastic (similar to material used for lawn signs).  It's durable but may break down over time with UV exposure.  It's an excellent choice for your first Mews or if you are on a budget.  We have been testing this material on Mike's personal Mews for since 2017 and it still hasn't shown any sign of breaking down. 

Choose Skin-In or Skin-Out Style
You can choose if you want the Aluminum or Econoplast Skin of your Portable Hawk Mews positioned on the inside of your mews or on the outside. Skin placement on the inside allows for easier cleanup inside the mews but exposes the exoskeletal on the outside of the mews. Skin placement on the outside presents a cleaner look, but it may catch a lot of dirt in the frame crevices on the inside of the mews. Skin placement is completely a personal preference.

Bath Pan and Food Port Access
Built into the front panel of the Portable Hawk Mews is a locking Bath Pan Port Access door that allows you to reach in and remove your bath pan for cleaning. You can also reach to empty the bath pan and refill it without having to open the main Hawk Mews door.

The Food Port Access door swings in and is hinged and spring loaded so it closes securely. There is a perch inside the mews directly under the Food Port Access door to drop the food onto. Mike’s raptors have become so trained to the Food Port Access door that they often wait on the perch at feeding time!

Sliding Door
Mike designed the Portable Mews with a 4-foot wide Sliding Door Package instead of a hinged door because it allows you to open the door as minimally as possible so your body can fit in and there’s less chance of the raptor flying past you. The door can be opened to the full 4 feet wide which allows you to easily walk in or our while holding your raptor on the fist.

Vertical Bars
Vertical bars are a long tradition in Falconry because it prevents feather damage when the raptor flies up against the bars. The vertical bars on the Portable Hawk Mews are 1/2” steel spaced 2 ½” on center. The ends of the bars are dipped in polyurethane to prevent rust where they come in contact with the aluminum. We also offer aluminum bars spaced 1” apart for smaller raptors.

Built-in Weathering Area
Standard on all Portable Mews is a 4-foot by 4-foot wire skylight with 1” x 2” nylon coated steel wire. This Built-In Weathering Area allows your raptor to get sun or rain whenever it wants. Having this area built in will save you time from having to go into the mews, put a leash on your raptor, bring it outside and tether it to a perch for weather. It also removes the possibility of your raptor getting loose or predated upon while outside of the mews.

Window Panels and Solid Panels
The Portable Hawk Mews has both Solid Panels and Window Panels that allow your raptor to have viewing opportunities or be able to shelter on a perch against a solid panel. The Portable Mews standard configuration has one solid wall, which Mike recommends you have on the northwest side of your mews. One solid wall also allows you to expand your Portable Mews to two chambers by purchasing an additional 3 walls and a roofing system.

Aluminum Roofing System with Steel Roof Panels
The aluminum roof support system is lightweight but incredibly strong. Traditional steel roofing panels are attached to the roof supports for a combination that has been rated by engineers to be able to hold a snow load of 12,000 lbs. conservatively. The pitch of the roof allows rain to run off the back of the Mews. We provide 2 roof color options with the price of your mews. We have 4 roof colors available for an additional $25 and and additional 9 colors available for $50.

Minimal Ground Preparation Needed for Installation
The Portable Hawk Mews must be tied to the ground in order to safely house your raptor. A simple frame of 2” x 6” pressure treated wood with rebar hammered into the ground is the method we suggest. We recommend you consult with a contractor or builder so they can advise you on the best method to tie your Portable Mews to the ground based on type of soil and local weather events. We will send you basic instructions with your plans and a video link of how to assemble a basic frame.

Easy Set-up and Easy Take Down
The Portable Hawk Mews arrives in a custom crate that prevents damage during transit. Color coded assembly instructions are included that illustrate how to connect the panels together using 4 bolt sets per connection. One Portable Hawk Mews can be set up in 2 hours with 2 people. Taking down our Portable Hawk Mews can be completed in just under an hour with 1 person.

Ready to Place an Order – Get it Delivered in 21 to 30 Days
If you are ready to place an order check out the product page for standard configurations. If you want to make a 50% deposit to get the production of your Portable Mews started, simply use coupon code: MEWSDEPOSIT at check out. You can opt to pay with your credit card, PayPal account or PayPal Credit with a 6 months/No Interest if Paid in Full option. You can also send a check for a deposit or full payment. If you need a special size or configuration use the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page.

The Story Behind the Mike Dupuy Portable Hawk Mews
When Mike and his wife moved from his home in Maryland to their farm in Central Pennsylvania, he had to leave behind the mews that housed his raptors for nearly 20 years. Like most falconers he had wooden mews built that are were now permanent fixtures on the property.

Once settled in their new home, Mike hired a friend to build yet another set of wooden mews for his growing collection of raptors. While watching the building of the new mews he realized the next time he moved he would have to do this all over again. “Wouldn’t it be great” He thought “if I could pack up my mews and relocate it the same way I pack up my other possessions?”

The concept of the Mike Dupuy Portable Hawk Mews was born. Over the next few years Mike used his 40 years of experience as a falconer and consulted with engineering experts to provide features specialized for housing birds of prey. Today Mike and his team have sold over 50 units nationwide to falconers and nature centers.

Standard Features:

  • Aluminum frames resist rust, rot and warping
  • Install your hawk mews in any location
  • Panels connect quickly with nuts and bolts
  • Easy to relocate if you move
  • Easy to assemble: 2 people in less than 2 hours
  • Easy to disassemble: 1 person in less than 1/2 hour
  • Galvanized rods drilled 2 1/2” on center • Sloped Roof allows rain to run off
  • Food Port Access
  • Bath Pan Access door
  • Secure latch
  • Built-in weathering skylight
  • Expand by simply connecting 3 additional walls and roofing system

Check out the Pricing Below for Standard Configurations

  • Aluminum Mews Add-on for 8FT X 8FT X 8FT

    Aluminum Mews Add-on for 8FT X 8FT X 8FT

    Current Price $3,109.00
    PAYMENT OPTIONS: Pay in full and checkout using PayPal. Make a 50% deposit by using coupon code MEWSDEPOSIT at checkout using PayPal. Mail a check for either payment in full or a 50% deposit. Pennsylvania residents will be charged 6% Sales Tax. PLEASE...
    Current Price $3,109.00
  • Econoplast Mews (8FT X 12FT X 8FT) Econoplast Mews (8FT X 12FT X 8FT)

    Econoplast Mews (8FT X 12FT X 8FT)

    Current Price $3,405.00
    PAYMENT OPTIONS: Pay in full and checkout using PayPal. Make a 50% deposit by using coupon code MEWSDEPOSIT at checkout using PayPal. Mail a check for either payment in full or a 50% deposit. Pennsylvania residents will be charged 6% Sales Tax. PLEASE...
    Current Price $3,405.00