Varied Diet

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All raptors can benefit from the balanced nutrition in this product.  Our Varied Diet contains super chicks, regular chicks, quail, mice and rats, perfect for switching up your raptor's diet - all in one convenient package.

You'll also get a bag of our Beak-Be-Gone Tyrings! Feed our Beak-Be-Gone Tyrings once a week and you won't have to cope with that overgrown beak!

We're excited about our new product Super Chicks!  Although these day-old chicks are the same size as our regular chicks, they are more of a game bird chick with darker meat color.  We only have a limited supply of Super Chicks so get yours today!

  • 1 bag regular Day-Old Chicks (approximately 85-100) - 7.5 lbs
  • 1 bag super Day-Old Chicks (approximately 85-100) - 7.5 lbs
  • 2 bags Coturnix Quail (approximately 10 per bag - 20 total)
  • 5 large rats
  • 50 mice
  • 1 bag Beak-Be-Gone Tyrings (20 per bag)

Do you know the nutritional value of your raptor's food?  Check out this chart:

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