Varied Diet

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All raptors can benefit from the balanced nutrition in this product.  Our Varied Diet contains super chicks, regular chicks, quail, mice and rats, perfect for switching up your raptor's diet - all in one convenient package.

You'll also get a bag of our Beak-Be-Gone Tyrings! Feed our Beak-Be-Gone Tyrings once a week and you won't have to cope with that overgrown beak!

We're excited about our new product Super Chicks!  Although these day-old chicks are the same size as our regular chicks, they are more of a game bird chick with darker meat color.  We only have a limited supply of Super Chicks so get yours today!

  • 1 bag regular Day-Old Chicks (approximately 85-100) - 7.5 lbs
  • 1 bag super Day-Old Chicks (approximately 85-100) - 7.5 lbs
  • 2 bags Coturnix Quail (approximately 10 per bag - 20 total)
  • 5 large rats
  • 50 mice
  • 1 bag Beak-Be-Gone Tyrings (20 per bag)


Some products may not be available at the time of purchase.  If we are don’t have inventory of an item we will substitute an item of equal or greater value based on the gram weight of the product.  Substitutions could include:

50 large mice
1 half bag of Day-Old Chicks - approx 50
1 bag of 150g Chicks (approx the size of quail) - 10 per bag

Do you know the nutritional value of your raptor's food?  Check out this chart:

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