Chicken Mews

Chicken Mews

chicken-mews-main-coop-web.jpgFinally a Chicken Coop That Will Last a Lifetime!

(Patent Pending: 62/559.206)

Start your backyard flock with our Chicken Mews that won't warp or rot like wooden ones.

Mike brings over 40 years experience raising backyard poultry to his new lightweight, low maintenance, easy to move Chicken Mews!

Collecting the eggs, and servicing food and water from outside making the coop sized for chickens... not people!

The Chicken Mews includes a built in area for your flock to roost at night.

Separate nest boxes are accessible from the outside which allow you to collet fresh eggs every day.

Open the Free Range Door during the day to let your flock roam.

The walls are covered with nylon coated chicken wire.  If you have predators in your area you can upgrade to a heavy gauge coated wire.

The sloped metal roof allows water to run off.

Main coop measures 4FT wide by 7FT 6IN long by 3' high.

Roosting Area


Nest Boxes


Free Range Door


Food and Water Access


 Available Additions:

  • Auto watering system works when temperature is above freezing.
  • Wire bottom keeps chickens off manure and predators out.
  • Upgrade to 1" x 4" thick gauge wire keep out predators.
  • Wire protected Free Range Run 4FT wide by 6FT long by 2FT high.


  • Chicken Mews Chicken Mews

    Chicken Mews

    Chicken Mews 4FT wide X 7FT 6IN long X 3FT high. Includes: Nest Boxes Free Range Door Food and Water Area Roosting Area Sloped Metal Roof Shipping by Freight Only and will be calculated once your order is placed. Made to order.  Ready to ship...